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Pour a Modern Cocktail Martini and let the party begin! The Modern Cocktail Martinis are delicious, pre-mixed cocktails that offer you the convenience of a perfectly balanced martini whenever and wherever you choose. These easy to prepare cocktails not only taste fantastic, but are gluten free and made with premium all natural flavors and raw sugar cane. All you have to do to enjoy a great martini is just Chill, Pour, & Enjoy.



The Modern Cocktail’s Apple Martini is the classic cocktail we all love, but now you can enjoy it anywhere you please! On the nose are the delicate aromas of ripe green apples with a slight note of honey. The palate will notice the distinct character of fresh green apples, both sweet and sour; its flavor will light up your taste buds. The finish leaves a lingering taste that is both fruity and refreshing.

We are proud to have our Apple Martini recognized by the International Wine & Spirit Competition for its outstanding quality and delicious flavor.


The Modern Cocktail makes the entire year peach season with our delicious Peach Martini. Hints of ripe Georgia Peaches are sure to please the most finicky of noses. It’s smooth and mellow, with a sophisticated and fruity character of peach which bursts onto the palate, as if you bit into the juicy fruit itself. This fresh beverage with luscious fruit notes leads to a lingering finish of peach that is sure to bring you back to those memories of hot summer days.


Not too sour and not too sweet, our Lemon Drop Martini is the perfect instant refresher! A twist of the cap stimulates the nose with a fresh, pure, citrus fragrance coupled with bright lemon aromas. The palate is greeted with hints of freshly cut lemon and the sweetness of summertime. A lively acidic finish is as clean as can be, leaving the mouth refreshed and salivating for more. This take on the always classic Lemon Drop will have you coming back for a second glass.


Some say opposites attract, and here at The Modern Cocktail we could not agree more! To start, the nose will detect the light aroma of sea breeze, mixed with the gentle scent of fresh caramel. The palate will be delighted by the complex balance of sea salt and freshly made caramel, so soft it melts in your mouth. The luxurious finish leaves a taste that is simply beautiful – sweet with a hint of saltiness, the perfect opposites attracting.


The classic flavor combination of ripe strawberries with luscious cream has been redefined in The Modern Cocktail’s Strawberries & Cream Martini. Let the nose breathe in the softest cream and the faintest hint of fresh, sweet strawberries, guaranteed to make you want to take a sip. Reward your palate with the naturally tart and sweet taste of strawberry along with the smooth finish of fresh cream. This classic duo is brought together in one glass, a delicious treat for everyone to enjoy.

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