Ever since the dawn of the happy hour, mankind has been searching for the perfect cocktail creation. Introducing The Modern Cocktail – a refreshing line of mixers featuring contemporary twists on the classics. Our mixologists spend their days exploring a wide array of exotic fruits and blends to create new cocktail adventures. Thanks to The Modern Cocktail’s pre-measured mixers, you can now enjoy a variety of cutting-edge cocktails in the comfort of your own home.

Every variety pack contains five unique cocktail mixers featuring a modern take on traditional favorites such as margaritas, martinis, tropical highballs, bloody marys, and even champagne cocktails. Each individual mixer is perfectly blended allowing you to easily craft gourmet cocktails whenever and wherever you desire. Whether you are livening up the get-together, refreshing the poolside party, or mixing it up with a special friend, transform yourself into a master mixologist with The Modern Cocktail.